April 2017 Newsletter

Greetings!!! We trust all is well. Here is an update for the team in Cuba:  The team saw 5,490 souls saved during the month of February. Glory to God! The ministry’s main goal, winning souls to Christ. As we had stated before, we are believing God for:

1,000,000 souls saved, 1,000 church plants, 100 church builds by 2020.  Please believe with us :))

“He knew he was dying…”

Yecenia was holding a campaign when a woman showed up and said that her husband was overdosing on medication and she believed he was dying.  She asked them to come to her house.  They did and prayed for Mario, binding the spirit of Death. The next day, Mario, now back to normal came to the church and testified that God had saved him because he knew he was dying.  As a result, he and his wife and his two sons accepted the Lord.  Also during their campaign,  a Voodoo witchdoctor’s son, who was tied to witchcraft for many years received Jesus as his Savior and he now wants to be discipled.

Angel said that they were able to reach Jiosvani, who was an ex-inmate and was violent.  He was also an alcoholic and used to gamble.  After an accident, he was visited in the hospital, and there along with his wife, made a profession of faith.

From Suicide to New Life

Idalia thanked the Lord for a young boy named Alejandro, who was depressed due to problems in the family.  He preached to him and he accepted Christ in his heart.  The following Sunday, he went to church and testified that he was thinking about suicide, but Glory to God, he had just received Christ instead.

Daylobis said she ran into a 25-year-old girl she met doing some street evangelism.  She began to speak with her and found out she was pregnant.  The day that they saw her, she was going to an abortion clinic to have an abortion.  She went home, and after arriving home, she felt regret and decided not to have the abortion.  The next day when they went to visit with her, she told them that she decided not to go through with the abortion and thanked God for their visit.

There is a group trip coming up to Guatemala.  The dates are June 26th – July 3rd.  The cost is $1,440 which includes everything.  If you have an interest in going, please let the ministry know.  The team will be conducting light construction and doing Evangelism.

Blessings to you and yours and thank-you again for sowing into World Missions.