December 2017 Newsletter

December, 2017

Partners and Friends,

We trust all is well with you and the work that God has called you to. In September, the ministry saw over 5,800 souls make decisions for Christ; which means that we are on pace for over 65,000 for the year, PRAISE THE LORD!!! Once again, our main focus is the following: 1,000,000 souls, 1,000 church plants, and 100 church builds by 2020. Please believe with us.

Throughout the year, when we are in the states, the ministry has a homeless outreach ministry that we oversee that goes to the streets of Pittsburgh every other week. If you have an interest in joining us or sending a team, it is similar to a ½ day missions trip, and it could greatly bless your church, your children, or your family.

I believe that in this day and age, that every kid needs to see what is taking place on the streets all around America. Most of the homeless people that we run into these days are not older “winos,” but young kids that are on heroine. Most of them come from good homes, and at some point they started experimenting with drugs. A few bad decisions, and there they are. One of the kids on the street is named Drew. Drew is a kid that has a Gas and Oil Engineering Degree from Penn State. He said he came back to Pittsburgh after getting his degree, started partying and got high one night and somehow started heroine. Please pray for Drew. His story is typical. We are doing the best that we can to help folks like him in anyway that we can.

If you are interested in attending our open trip in July to Nicaragua, please let us know. The cost will be in the $1,450 range, it will be during the 3rd week of July.

We trust all is well with you. If you ever need anything, please contact the ministry.