February 2017 Newsletter

 Feb, 2017

Greeting in Jesus’ Name!!  We trust all is well with you and the work that God has called you to.  We greatly appreciate your desire once again to impact foreign lands.  The Bible tells all of us to “Go” and preach to all nations.   Few answer the call.  We greatly thank-God for your obedience and willingness to work through us.  It is an honor to be teamed up and work together for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

70k souls won to the Lord!

December’s reports are in,, and we see that the team had just over 70,000 souls won to the Lord during this past year.  Once again, we can not do it without you and your obedience to work with missionaries in the nations.

As I am typing this, I am also making preparations for a couple of trips.   Monday, I fly out for our neighbors to the South.  Please pray for save travels and wisdom,,, as we need it for this trip.   After returning, we have a short vacation and then we are taking a team to Equador to work with the Indians living along the headwaters of the Amazon.  We will be sleeping in sleeping bags along the river and/or in Indigenous huts.   Should be a fun and rewarding trip.

Also, please keep in mind that we are hosting a missions trip to Guatemala in June around the 25th through July 2nd.  This will be open to the public.  If interested, please let us know.  We’ll have more info soon.

In Cuba,, a couple of our team members sent us this info:

“…they saw the hand of God.”

Yanelis said: “On a visit to the hospital to accompany my father’s wife, who was operated on. Next to her was a lady named Gladys and she had been undergoing a few days of surgery and the pains were strong and she was not relieved with anything. Immediately I wanted to preach to her, but a young woman arrived to be interviewed in the room and she was my priority. I asked him if he wanted me to pray for her and she said yes. When I finished the prayer, the desperation of the young woman ended and she was at peace. The next day she was taken to the salon and what she had was a bowel obstruction. His children were grateful because they saw the hand of God. Now one of his children always calls us and tells us how his mother is recovering and shows us his gratitude. I give thanks to God because He moves our hearts to speak to the people in need of Him.”

“He gave up the idols he had…”

Horasme:  “Being in the city of {removed for security} for personal reasons, I found a friendship of mine that took me to see his partner in life because he was hospitalized. When I arrived, the man showed me the witchcraft remedies he was using. I explained the plan of salvation and made the decision to accept Jesus in his heart. He gave up the idols he had and now lives for God.”

Once again,, God bless you as you walk out the purpose and plan of God in your lives,


Will/Cristen Bridges