March 2017 Newsletter

Greetings is Jesus Name!!  We trust all is well with you and the work that the Lord has called you to.  As stated before, if you ever need anything, please contact the ministry and we will be happy to pray with you or assist you in any way we can.

In January, the ministry had over 5,700 souls saved.  Funds were donated to construct 3 more churches, glory to God.  We are closing in on our 50th church being built.  Once again, our vision is:  1,000,000 souls saved, 1,000 church plants, and 100 church builds by 2020.  We have been lagging a bit with the church builds.  Remember, for $1,500 you can build a house-church and for an extra $500, you can put a cement floor in it.  Thanks for agreeing with us regarding increase in this matter.  We also had a number of good testimonies sent to us from Cuba for January.

“We obtained a harvest of 125 new souls who gave profession of faith.”

Oscar said,  “I want to thank the Lord for His great love and mercy for lost souls, and for the way He uses us in evangelism. On January 21st, we did some evangelistic crusades in some poor neighborhoods in and around Havana. Our Teams of Bridges for Life evangelists trained evangelists from other denominations regarding how to win souls to Christ.  As a result, we obtained a harvest of 125 new souls who gave profession of faith. Hallelujah!”

Demonic Deliverance

Gisela said,  “I thank the Lord for an evangelistic outreach we did in January in the Psychiatric Hospital.  I had the opportunity to minister to the patient Doilis from Baracoa. He was a prisoner for 6 years in Guantanamo.  He confessed that he needed help and deliverance. Before he was in prison, 12 years ago, he went to a witch doctor and made a pact with the idol Guaicapuro, which is from a principality in Venezuela. From time to time, he listened to the voice of that idol telling him to cut his arms because that demon needed blood and he would obey. But today, January 28th, after a time of ministry, the Holy Spirit touched him and he cried. He received deliverance! Jesus Christ delivered him and saved him. May glory be given to God!!!”

God is a good God!!   Oscar, one of the evangelists, is in need of $2,000 to purchase a house in Havana because he has a daughter with severe physical disabilities and needs continuous medical attention and needs to be in Havana to receive the medical care she needs. His home serves as the church. This is very good ground to sow into and whoever is able to help will be abundantly blessed!

Also, the ministry is in need of people to begin to pick up some of the Evangelists in the Central District to help cover their salary.  The ministry that has helped us greatly for a number of years may be ceasing their support by the end of the year.  We have 14 Evangelists that are in need of $20 a month to help cover half of their salary.  If the Lord lays it upon your heart to help in this way, you will be blessed.

Thank you and may God’s richest blessings rest upon you and your family during 2017.