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January 2018 Newsletter

January, 2018

Partners and Friends,

We trust that your Christmas and New Years went well and that you are ready for a new year in God. It is an honor and privilege to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and be mercifully washed in His blood. We pray God’s best over you for 2018!! Thank-you again for choosing Bridges for Life Ministries as your outlet into reaching into the nations.

We just found out that one of our original evangelists has passed away this past week and went home to be with the Lord. His name was Oscar. He leaves behind a wife and two children with one being a special needs child. His wife does not work. They are in Havana in order for their special needs child to meet with doctors. Please pray for his wife and family as well as for provision for them. She does not work as it is a full time job to attend to their child who can not speak and is confined to a wheel chair/bed.

The ministry has a couple of key missions trips coming up that we would like to open to you. We are sending a team to Puerto Rico for a week between April 24th to May 1st. The cost for all included is $1,000. We will be doing construction on houses/churches that have lost their roofs and walls due to the recent hurricanes in the area. If you can possibly make it,, it would be a great blessing to our friends in Puerto Rico. Whatever your skill level is in construction is not important. Please let us know.

The team saw 5,621 souls make decisions for Christ overseas in November.  In the US, we had a number of people accept the Lord at the homeless ministry as well as in the Nursing Home Ministry.

“We are ministering to him by bringing him clothes and food every other week.”

I wanted to share a story about Drew.  We have worked with Drew on and off for a series of months.  When we began the homeless ministry, it was mostly older men who were your typical “winos” that had their alcohol in a brown paper bag that were living on park benches or under a bridge.  Those days have changed.  There are hardly any of them left.  These days, the homeless are generally late teen age kids or kids in their 20s or early 30s who are on harder drugs.

Drew is a kid in his 30s.  He had been living under a bridge on the South Side.   He had been staying there for a number of months when I finally got to speak to him on a more personal level.  It turns out Drew was going to Penn State and had gotten his degree in Engineering in Gas and Oil.  Drew came back to Pittsburgh, started smoking marijuana and then one day while high, he was offered to try something different.  He tried it, and he was hooked.  He said from the very day that he tried this harder drug, he was hooked.  Drew should be making $200,000 a year being an engineer in the gas and oil field, but we are ministering to him by bringing him clothes and food every other week.  I want to encourage anyone who has children to bring them to see where a couple of bad decisions can bring them.  It is the best “don’t do drugs” message that they will every receive.

Fortunately, a few have gotten off the streets.  It is an honor to bring light to those in such a lost time in their life.

We trust all is well with you.  We look forward to our new year in Christ with you as we continue to press on towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus!

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