July 2018

We are writing this letter from a gas station in Iaeger, WV inside of McDowell County which is one of the places hardest hit when the coal industry went down in the late 70’s. Many of these communities have never recovered and even with the coal mines starting to make a comeback it will be a long time before they are able to financially sustain the people who have stayed here.  That, compounded with the opioid problem have left these communities in dire need of your prayers.  Having said that, the people here are very warm and hospitable.  We’ve been offered food, drinks, coffee, even the turkey from a kind hunters freezer.

His words, “Now I have hope again”.

We feel blessed to serve these fine Americans who seem to have been forgotten and are especially honored to be working on the home of a Veteran in Gary, WV.  We have so much gratitude and appreciation for all of those who went along and served beside us- some giving up their vacation from work, others making a financial sacrifice. The conditions on this trip are rough, let’s just say it’s not a 5 five star hotel.  We were able to work on the home of a Vietnam Veteran who hasn’t had any running water in his home in years. We repaired his roof, replaced the rotting floors in his kitchen and bathroom and put in a new bathroom and kitchen sink and counter. He was elated and wanted us to thank all of you who give! His words, “Now I have hope again”. What an honor to serve and partner with you all bringing the light and hope of Jesus to the world! Thank you again!
Later this month we had planned to go to Nicaragua but because of the social unrest we’ve had to make a last minute change and are going to El Salvadore instead. We covet your prayers for that trip as well.
Apologies, I know Will usually writes this letter and gives you an update from the closed nations we serve, but since I (Cristen) am writing the letter and am unable to reach Will I am not sure what to include.  Even though Will is only a few miles down the road from me, there is literally zero cell service for over an hour getting to our location and I need to get this letter back to the ladies in the office before the end of the workday. (Which also means I’ve been driving without GPS all week on unmarked dirt roads.  I’m still alive and not lost deep in the woods of WV and that my friends is more proof that God exists and He’s still in the business of doing miracles! 😉
Send us your prayer requests. We pray for all of you daily and are believing you will continue to experience the abundance of all the good things Christ paid for through His death, burial and resurrection!


Together with you we are making the matchless Name of Jesus known in the nations!

Much Love,
Will & Cristen
Moriah and DBrizzle (he’s 15 so we humor him with these nicknames- lol).

Will & Cristen Bridges