June 2018 Newsletter


So the team just got back from a closed nation. During our trips there, we are often on the very flight that crashed leaving the capital headed to other other side of the country. Fortunately, we were not on it. There were however 10 Pastors from the Nazarene Church on it with their wives. 20 ministers in all died in the crash just 1 mile from the airport. NBC news international stated that that plane had been banned from China airspace due to frequently traveling overloaded with weight,, including at times in the bathroom. The crash happened on Friday,, we were in the Central District of Cuba traveling at the time.

“They were trying to plant a Mosque and team members reached the families and were able to save them…”

During our trip,, we heard some great testimonies. We had conducted a teaching on Islam since they have been sending people there to marry the nationals or take them out of the country or convert them. On one occasion, they were trying to plant a Mosque in Camaguey, the team members located where they were doing this,, and reached out to the host family. They were able to share truths with them which concluded with them shutting it down and leaving.

On 2 other occasions, they have had similar things happen where they were trying to plant a Mosque and team members reached the families and were able to save them. There is currently a group from Iran that has purchased a house and are offering free schooling and help to families in Guantanamo. Our team members are getting ready to make contact with them,, please pray for them.

The team had well over 5,000 souls make decisions for Christ in April which put the ministry over 800,000 souls mark. Thank-you again for all you do to help make this possible.

Once again,, we have 3 remaining missions trips this summer. If you are interested in one, please let us know.

Pittsburgh Inner City Outreach: Cost free,, cover your food June 8th – 10th

Appalachians Outreach: June 24th – July 1st Cost $600 on the van, $450 if you drive

Nicaragua Outreach: July 25th – August 1st Cost $1450

Come and be a blessing to others as we walk out God’s perfect plan for our lives,

Thank you and blessings,

Will & Cristen Bridges



  • Please pray for our upcoming trips to closed nations and throughout the year.
  • Please pray for our trip to Nicaragua in July.
  • Appalachia in July
  • Pittsburgh in June

It is our pleasure to present to you Bridges for Life Ministries.  B.F.L. Ministries is a missionary organization with an emphasis on church planting.

Since 2005, Bridges for Life Ministries has seen over 800,000 lives make commitment to Christ in Cuba and as well as have seen over 400 house churches planted.

Currently, the ministry sponsors 47 full time church planters in Cuba.  Their soul purpose is to win souls to Christ and either get them into the local churches or plant a church if the area does not have one. Our vision is:

1,000,000 souls saved

1,000 churches planted

100 churches built

By 2020