March 2018 Newsletter

March 2018


Greetings in Jesus Name!! I am writing you regarding updates that we received in January from our partners. The ministry had 5,297 souls make decisions for Christ and we had a couple of cool testimonies that may interest you. There is one particular religion that has violent tendencies wherever they are at throughout the world that began coming to one particular closed nation a few years ago trying to set up their version of a church. They are bent on conquering the world for their religion.

“She was able to convince the natives that this [violent] religion was not of God and that in fact it was very dangerous…”

We began to train the team regarding how to combat them/confront them when they move into a particular area. There are well known for offering money, giving gifts, etc to buy their way into the homes to share their religion. It is dangerous because some of the nations that they go to are some of the poorer in the world and they can be easily bought.

An Evangelist in the Central region of this country heard of this group planting one of their so called churches. She had been trained by us regarding what this group believes, and how to respond to them. After identifying where they were meeting,, she went to the location and began to meet with the nationals that were beginning to hook up and follow this foolishness. She was able to convince the natives that this religion was not of God and that in fact it was very dangerous. Thankfully, she was able to teach the natives regarding what they actually believe, what their history is, and what is going on with them in various regions of the world. Thank-God they shut down the work and ran these people off,,, hence closing this so called church down in their area. This group of men left.

Also,, in the East,, the team trained 54 people to win souls: That team won 673 souls themselves to the Lord!!! Praise God!! An Evangelist named Alexander trained 12 people in Plan B and that 12 saw 176 souls saved in January. Andres,, our last of the original team trained 26 people,, that group won 401 souls to the Lord!!!! Praise God.

When it’s all said and done,, winning souls is what we are all about. Praise God for the productive month.

“We have raised around 1/3 of [what’s needed]…”

In other news,, the wife of our evangelist that died is still trying to get funds to purchase a house in a major city so that her disabled daughter can go to the necessary clinic to get help. This city is the best place in the country for this. She needs $10,000 to purchase a house there,,, we have raised around 1/3 of that. If you can or would like to help them get into a house,, please let us know. Whatever God would lay on your heart would be greatly appreciated.

Thx you again/God bless,

Will & Cristen Bridges