I trust that all is well with you and that you are marching on with all that God has called you to do.  We want to welcome those who have recently joined up with us in asking to receive the newsletter.  The purpose of our newsletter is 3-fold. First of all it is to update our recipients with what is going on in the ministry and give them opportunities to pray for God’s work to continue without obstruction in this nation, as well as in foreign lands.  Secondly, it is to provide information for upcoming opportunities to serve God with us either here or in the nation, and then lastly, it is to provide an opportunity to sow into missions, soul winning, and church planting on the mission’s field.

Since 1992, the ministry has been chasing down the dream of praying with 1,000,000 souls to receive Christ.  This past month, we just passed the 900,000 soul saved mark.  We want to thank you for all you have done to be a part of that and also for continuing with us as we press on towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  There is no greater work on Earth than winning souls for Jesus.  Thank-you for being a part of that with your prayers, time, efforts and resources.  The Bible says that the sower and the reaper will reap the same harvest in Heaven.  It is exciting to be teamed up with each one of you as we press forward together to impact the nations for Jesus!

We were asked recently if we could share a little bit about soul winning and so we wanted to take a couple of months and give some instruction regarding how we as individuals might start in the soul winning process.

#1 We must purpose in our hearts to do it.  If we just pray, the chances of sharing our faith throughout our life time will be minimal.  We need to be committed and determined that this week or month, we are going to find 5 people to share our faith with. We need to make this a covenant promise to God.  “Lord, this week, I am going to share my faith with 3 people, or this month with 5 people.”  Write it down on a note and put the note some place where you frequently see it, as a reminder of your commitment.

#2 Ask.  The Bible says that an offended person is harder to win than a fortified city. [Proverbs 18:19]  Therefore, I always ask, “Would you mind if I shared with you why I chose to be a Christian? Or, “Do you mind if I share the reason for my faith with you?”

#3 Respect.  Respect their time, their religion (don’t put their religion or beliefs down to preach yours), and their space.  Respect their decision to answer, “Yes or No.”

#4 Be prepared.  Know the Scriptures regarding Salvation:  James 2:10; Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:9-10; John 3:3.  You can start with a Salvation tract that you carry with you, but it is even better to have the Scriptures memorized so that when you share your faith / testimony, it will flow out of you smoothly and like you know what you are talking about.  J

There will be at least 2 open mission trips in the summer of 2020.  The Appalachian Trip will be June 21-26th and the Iceland Trip will be July 13-22nd.  The Appalachian Trip will cost $600 if we supply the transportation and $500 if you drive yourself.  1/2 of the money is due for that trip on April 5th with the balance due on May 3rd.  The Iceland Trip cost will be $2,200 + the price of the (optional) excursion during our free day where we travel to visit / tour a glacier at a national park there.  The price for the excursion and free day will be in the $400 to $500 range if you should choose to do that.  We are working to see if we can bring that price down a bit, but that I where it is at for now.  1/2 of the money for that trip is due February 1st and the balance is due by March 15th.   Please let us know as soon as possible if you intend on joining us for those trips.

Thx/God bless,

Will / Cristen