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Greetings in the name of the Lord!!!   I just returned from our neighbors to the south.  They send great greetings and said to convey their thankful hearts for the assistance in winning souls and planting churches.  The ministry saw over 5,200 souls make decisions for Christ.  Here are several testimonies from our evangelists from this closed nation:

Evangelist 1– A young man who was 19 years old was hospitalized because he had been beaten and hurt by a group of teenagers from the streets. We visited him several times and he gave a profession of faith. We also gave him some literature. He was transferred into another room, but sadly, after two weeks he passed away. However, his family received strength because they know he is with the Lord.

Evangelist 2 – I thank God because he allowed me to go into the rehabilitation room of a major city in this closed nation. I was able to minister to about fifteen people among the medical staff and the patients who were suffering from different sicknesses. We preached the Word of God and we spread some Gospel tracts and God manifested His presence in a special way in that place.  After praying for them, they testified concerning the healing and deliverance that they received. There was a doctor who was healed of her stomach problems and with happiness she asked us to come back some other time because they needed God. A total of ten people gave professions of faith and received Jesus as personal Savior that day.

Evangelist 3 – I visited a woman who was suffering from diabetes (the quantity of sugar in her blood was 20:  (that is how they measure blood sugar in this closed nation). She decided to accept the Lord into her heart. To God´s glory, all of her pain disappeared in that moment.  When she repeated the test to confirm the sugar in her blood, it had decreased to 5.  Glory to God!!

Evangelist 4 – I thank God for this ministry because I have learned how to evangelize using the method of preaching in 5 minutes, and I have obtained greater results reaching new souls in less time. An example of that is seen in a visit to the Children’s Hospital. I was able to share the plan of salvation to eight mothers who gave professions of faith that night. Also, I prayed for the children who had different pathologies and they were healed. The next day they were discharged. I could see God´s support in my life as He used me as an instrument in His hands. I found out about these testimonies through a student of medicine who is a friend and sister in the faith. She knew of the medical histories of these children when they were discharged.

Evangelist 5 – I thank God because the Lord is working in the lives of a house church in a very special way. One family of five converted and they are attending the services. There were many situations among them. For example, the couple’s marriage was in trouble and they almost divorced, but the entire family received the Lord, and the marriage has been restored. The sons, who have not had a good relationship with their father are being transformed by the Lord and they are bearing the fruits of the work of the Lord. Even the neighbors have seen how this family that used to have problems has been restored by the Lord.

Once again, to all of you who pray, support, or volunteer for the ministry, THANK-YOU!!!  You are an integral part of winning souls and impacting lives throughout the nations!

Believe with us as we believe for an investment to start a foundation.  This could create and propel evangelism throughout the world for a hundred or more years!

Thx for all you do,



Will and Cristen Bridges

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