June, 2019

Partners and Friends,

As a ministry, we want to thank our service men and women for sacrificing so much to give us a free country to raise our families and children in.

It is a privilege to travel to various nations to do the Lord’s work.  When we leave this country and then return, we understand why so many have called the United States a blessed nation for so long.  There is a scripture in the Bible that says, “He whose nation is the Lord’s, shall be blessed.”  Our nation was so blessed for so long because for 400 years, the Bible was read in the schools, prayer was said in the schools, our congress fasted and prayed before beginning its session for many years, and our country recognized God from our foundation.  America was blessed because of it.

So as a ministry, we want to thank all of you that have served in our armed forces, again.  My family is better off because of men and women like you.  Thank-you!!!

In the ministry, we saw over 5,200 souls make a decision for Christ in April.  As I head back out to visit our friends to the South, I am honored to represent you, your hard work, and your labor.  We will do our best to ensure that your missions giving is best used to represent you and your family.

There is still room available on both the Appalachian’s Trip and the Nicaragua Trip this summer.  In the Appalachians, we will have 6 projects going on at the same time, including a daily outreach team.  If you are skilled at construction or outreach, we could use your help.  The cost for the trip is $550 per person for those that do not attend Christian Assembly Church of Industry, PA and if you drive yourself.  If you attend Christian Assembly, the cost of your trip is $450 if you drive yourself, or $600 if you ride on the reserved vans. Meals and housing at School for Life in Gary, WV are included in the price.

The Nicaragua Trip will be a great overseas trip. We will be working on a women’s outreach center where they train women and use them to conduct outreaches.  Some women are recovering from abusive situations, or are trying to survive.  Your help on this trip would be a great benefit as well, if you are either skilled with construction, roofing, or outreach.

Pray for us as we have 2 mission trips this month.  Please pray for safety/protection/ and the ability to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank-you again for your faithfulness and for teaming up with this ministry to impact nations and souls for Christ.


Be blessed in all you do,

Will and Cristen Bridges