March, 2019

Spring is almost here! Thank God! And it’s not raining here today in Western PA or West Virginia. Can you believe it? Lol.  It is beautiful here 9 months of the year in this neck of the woods. I’m glad to be in America and in such a beautiful part of the country.  God is good!

In January, the team in the closed nation where we do mission work saw over 5,300 souls make decisions for Christ!

A group of Evangelists decided to visit a small city in this closed nation. Before going, the team fasted for 7 days. They left at 5 am one morning to get there.  As a result, God gave them 71 souls.  Praise the Lord!

Gisela testified that in the women’s prison, they have been ministering to 2 sick women.  One of them was walking with a walking stick. After prayer and a few days, the pain disappeared and she is walking normal again. The other woman had a tumor in her leg. After prayer and a few days, she testified that the tumor had disappeared and she was totally fine.

Yunier testifies that there was a lady named Anita who was deaf. She had never before accepted the Lord. During the giving of the Word and the prayer for the sick people, the Holy Spirit touched her with power and her ears were completely opened because she began to hear. It was then that she was anxious to receive Jesus in her heart. She is currently being discipled by leaders of the church.

Recently, a partner spent $1,500 to build a church. He is asking if anyone would like to match that to build one larger church.  The cost to build a church is $2,000 which includes a cement floor.  $1,500 will build it but without the cement floor.  If anyone would like to match that or add to it to build a larger/better church, please let us know.

Another couple that is helping us gave $400 towards transportation for one of the Evangelists.  They are believing God to raise $2,000 for a good moped for him and his wife to be able to travel to evangelize.  If anyone is interested in adding to that to help reach that goal of $2,000, please let us know as well.  (Obviously, they can win more souls in more towns if they have better transportation.)J

I believe that God laid it on our hearts to pray and believe God for a Ministry Foundation.  A foundation with the right amount of funds can impact souls for decades to come.  Literally millions of souls can be won to the Lord through this without the investment ever being touched.  Please pray and believe God with us J

To all our prayer partners, financial givers, volunteers and those that would go with us to nations to evangelize, thank-you for sowing into missions!  We are believing for one of God’s best years for you!

Thx and blessings,

Will and Cristen Bridges

Psalms 2:8 “Ask and I will give the nations to you as your inheritance.”

Together, we can impact nations for Christ.