Bridges for Life Ministries Newsletter – May 2020

Hello partners / friends, 

It’s hard to believe where we are at.  Just a few months ago, it certainly was not foreseen by most where we would be as a nation.  I trust that you are all safe and sort of in safe mode / lockdown. 

Just to let you know as partners, I have received questions from a closed nation regarding what we would like the team to do since the country has recently gone on lockdown:  We were asked whether we still wanted to pay their salaries or not.  I told them to follow the governmental rules and stay inside, but that we as a ministry would still continue to pay their salaries even though they are not church planting during this time. This is your blessing at work, however, if any of you disagree and do not want to continue the support of your team member during this lockdown, please let us know. 

Here are a few testimonies that we recently received regarding the team:

“M” said that to God’s glory, she began to preach in the streets and she was able to reach eleven alcoholics.  She was able to lead them to the Lord and then they planted a discipleship group in her house where they started to regularly attend.

“J” testified that during the last day of a campaign that he was doing in a certain city, he prayed for a woman who was internally sick and had much pain.  God moved powerfully during this meeting and there were many people who were healed, including the woman.  Her pain disappeared the moment they prayed for her.  Not only that, but she was filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. 

“O” wants to thank the Lord for his work of discipleship in the houses for the newly converted.  “O” gives the testimony about a man who was converted to Christ and then began to go through discipleship in his house.  After three visits, he appeared to be a different person.  He stopped smoking, he wasn’t interested in alcohol, and he wanted to begin to attend the local church. 

“Y” testifies that some evangelists were preaching and were able to evangelize in a hospital.  There he met a man who accepted Christ into his heart.  He was going through some difficult times in his life and had health problems. After hearing the gospel, both he and his wife came to Christ and his health began to improve notably.  After he was released from the hospital, he began to come to meetings with the evangelists to seek God more.  Praise God!

We will work on getting testimonies and letters from the team during this time while they are locked down.  Also, we appreciate your faithful support / prayers.  It has been a challenging two months.  We appreciate your continued support of the work that God’s doing throughout the nations. 

God bless you and we pray God’s richest blessings upon you for this season and the year to come.

Thx/God’s blessings be upon you,

Will Bridges