February 2020

Partners and Friends,

I have not received all of the reports from the closed nation where we do our primary mission work for December as of yet.  However, here are a couple of testimonies that we have received.

Maria writes:  Thanks be to God for this ministry. While preaching in a major city in this closed nation, I was preaching to an older man that had been tormented with cancer for some time and the Lord healed him.  After receiving this freedom he decided to open his house to the Lord as a house church. I also thank God for the opportunity to minister to 586 persons this month and from that number, 105 accepted Jesus as personal Savior.

Jorge writes:  While ministering at a local hospital the Lord healed a boy from vomiting and tonsillitis. The Lord also touched a young woman who was involved in sorcery. This month, we trained through Plan B four new people to go into their communities and make more disciples.

Jorge Q shares:  While visiting a local hospital we met a man who believed in false gods and he was in bed with a fever.  After praying for him, he received healing and received Christ as his personal Savior and Lord.  The Lord also helped me to open a new house church and through Plan B we trained 30 souls for the glory of God to evangelize in their communities.

Virginia’s testimony:  While preaching on the streets in a small town a lot of sick people got healed.  I also thank God for the opportunity to train people to win souls. This month I trained three new people to win souls for Christ and they went out, shared the Gospel and won 24 more souls for the glory of the Lord!

As we head into February, please pray for our upcoming trip to our neighbors in the South.  There are recent travel restrictions so I’m not really sure what to expect.

Also, please pray for some financial situations that have occurred. My daughter’s car sort of died and she is getting married in the fall.

Also, if you live near the area of Western PA, we’d like to invite you to our annual ministry banquet.  It will be held at Christian Assembly @ 11:45 am after the morning worship service on Sunday, March 22nd in the fellowship hall – 6241 Tuscarawas Road – Industry, PA.  Please let us know if you intend on coming by RSVP’ing to 724-793-3376. Text “YES banquet”, with your name, and how many will attend with you.

Thanks again for your heart that desires to see the lost saved and for your partnership.