Dear Partners / Friends,

Well, I hope that you all are healthy and doing well:  Either way, we will continue to pray for you and the victory in your camp. 

So we recently received some updates from our neighbors to the South.  There is a current food, gas and supplies shortage.  As we face restrictions here in the United States, our neighbors face even far greater difficulties. 

Lines to get gas are sometimes 3 to 4 blocks long.  If they have a vehicle, they park them and may wait in line for more than 2 or 3 days hoping that a gas truck will come and supply the station with fuel.  All the while, they have been sleeping in their cars.  The food lines begin very early in the morning, around 3 or 4 am.  They line up and wait hoping that the government supplies the store with needed rations for that day.  They will wait half or all day and when the rations run out, the rest of the line has to return home. 

We live in a blessed country.  Not perfect, but blessed.  Continue to pray that God’s blessings will rest upon us as we head forward but also that Christians around the world will be able to fight to stay alive and to carry on the work that Christ has called them to. 

We will not receive many updates during this time due to the lockdown.  However, as we get them I will start to send updates to you again.  Also, please sign up for the Appalachian Missions Trip.  It has been moved to August 2nd through the 7th.  We will text you as to when the meetings in preparation for the trip are. 

Continue to pray for both this ministry as well as others that have been affected by this virus.

May God’s richest blessings rest upon you and yours during this time frame.

We are looking for a pull-behind camper trailer.  If anyone has one they would like to sell cheap or donate please let the ministry know.

Thx/God’s blessings be upon you,

Will & Cristen Bridges

Will & Cristen Bridges