Thank the Lord that in September, the team saw over 5,000 souls make decisions for Christ.  During this upcoming year, we will be working on developing and training leaders from all churches that we are associated with concerning our neighbors to the south.  We have relied on local Pastors and the Evangelists to conduct these discipleship meetings but the team has decided to expand to pay for and train an extra leader from every church to conduct a 6-week discipleship course for all the newly saved.  Believe with us as the Superintendents and the team begin to implement this and funds to do so.  

Here are a few testimonies:  Bessi said, “I thank Christ for allowing me to evangelize many people on the streets, squares, bus stops and also at the hospital in the city of this closed nation. We want to testify that we met a lady on the street and we talked to her about the Gospel of God, she accepted the Lord, and gave us her address; the next day we visited her and her brother and parents were there. God was present because all three decided to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  We are currently discipling them at their houses.”

Migdalia testified, “The Lord is good and has helped us during the work of soul winning this month.  We have worked in the houses of sick people with cancer and chronic diseases.   One lady lives with her old father and her 14-year-old daughter. For the glory of God, both accepted the Lord, after that day they wait for us every week because we are discipling them. In this month we opened a house church in this house, and there are 10 people attending. Hallelujah!”

Manuel said, “In this month, God allowed us to evangelize in a certain area.  There was a lot of poverty and a deep thirst of God.  There, we obtained a great harvest of souls for Christ in a very short time. All of them were elderly people who had been evangelized some years before but they had never made a commitment. In the afternoon, we celebrated an outdoor service where we ministered to 45 people (among them 4 believers, but the majority where newly converted people reached by this ministry as well as some non-believers). When we made the call for salvation, 12 people gave professions of faith. Among the elderly, there was one who accepted Jesus in a previous visit to his house, and he was very joyful because after we prayed for him, he didn’t suffer from any other epileptic seizures. Many beautiful things happened that day and everybody there was testifying about it. There was happiness because many received Christ. Thanks be to God for His mercy and support.”

On November 15, we are planning on having a banquet after the morning service at Christian Assembly Church in Industry, PA.  The banquet will begin around 11:40. If you attend another church, please be faithful to your own church service and then we will hopefully see you then.

Secondly, our giving has been down some.  If you plan on ceasing with your support, please let us know in advance as that we may try and raise support to replace what God has been doing through you.  It takes a while to raise funds and if we are unable, we then need to lay off workers in other nations. 

Thank-you for your continued prayers and support as we endeavor to take the gospel to the nations on your behalf.


Will and Cristen Bridges