September 2020

Partners and Friends,

Things are starting to pick up in with our neighbors to the south with Evangelism / Church planting. The team saw 4779 souls make decisions for Christ in July. That has been the biggest harvest since the outbreak of this pandemic. 

Although things have picked up that way, normal life has not returned. The people of this closed nation still wait in a line for 3 to 8 hours to get a ticket so that they can return the next day to the same exact store and pick up the piece of bread or type of food that they are looking for. Such is life in developing nations when tragedy hits. Please pray for our friends as life is tougher than normal right now.

Here are a few of the testimonies that we received from July. Eneldis shares that while doing personal evangelism they ran into a woman who was suffering from stomach pains and was bleeding. As a consequence, she could not work. The team shared the word of God with her and her husband who is a nonbeliever. After the prayer she told them that she felt something special had happened. The next day, she testified that she was completely healed and could return to work.

Edguar states that he ministered in a church and there was a man who came in who was a drunk. The Lord dealt with him and he soon after gave profession of faith to Christ. Since then on, he has stopped drinking. Edguar states that even though they are suffering through this Covid pandemic, people are still hungry for God.

Horasme met a young girl who was sick. When he talked to her, she told him that she wanted to give up an altar that she had been sacrificing to so that it could be destroyed. She said she worshipped at it for many years. The team picked it up and destroyed it. She testified that when she was younger she used to visit an evangelical church. She turned back to Christ that day along with her brother and her mother.  They are in discipleship and making strides forward.

Once again, thank-you for your continued support of the ministry. We pray God’s richest blessings upon you during this time. Pray for wisdom and protection for the ministry as we strive ahead.

Thx/God bless,

Will and Cristen Bridges