Be Not Discouraged!

Hey all ! I wanted to share a quick message that I came across in a devotional.

The enemy uses discouragement as a tool against us. Discouragement preys on our emotions, attempting to convince us that our mistakes are greater than God’s Love and that we aren’t worthy of all that God has planned for us.

Discouragement can get us down, down bad, until we realize that we are not how our emotions make us feel. We are not who the enemy tells us we are. We are who God tells us we are.

We are unconditionally loved and blessed, not based on anything that we’ve done but based solely on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

Discouragement is a choice, we’ve already been promised the victory (1 Corinthians 15:57). Trust God, no matter how things look. Jesus has never let you down and never will !