God’s Plan

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a quick message that came to mind this week.

The message is from 1st and 2nd Samuel and revolves around Saul. Before Saul was anointed king he was a nobody. After he was anointed by God and Samuel, Saul became the first king of Israel. During his reign as king he became power hungry and did not obey God’s direction. He cared more about his image and his legacy than furthering God’s plans for Israel. This, along with his arrogance, ultimately lead to his downfall and to the eventual kingdom of David.

The story stands out to me as a reminder to never let self-exaltation and self-deception ruin what God has in store for us. Don’t let your own ego and arrogance get in the way of living out God’s plan for your life. Remember that God knows best and to follow his guidance and direction over your life ! Everything we have is God’s and all of our accomplishments are ONLY because of God’s will and grace!