God’s Timing And Provision

Hey everyone ! Just wanted to share a message

God’s timing is always perfect, never early (although we’d like it to be) and never late. When we feel like there are barriers that are immovable and circumstances that are too much to overcome or we need God to provide for us when provision seems unlikely- we need to rely on God and trust Him fully. God is moving and working when we don’t see or feel it.

A story from the Bible that touches on God’s provision and timing is a story with Elijah. God announces a drought to Elijah and says there will be no rain or dew in the next few years except at His word. God provides Elijah with directions and a path that lead him to water from a brook and commanded ravens to supply Elijah with food. When the brook dried up, God then provided food and water through other means. God provided for Elijah when he needed it- Elijah trusted the Lord and obeyed His commands.

Too often we want things to work out how we want them to and WHEN we want them to. We try to be independent and lean on our own understanding and knowledge instead of fully trusting God. Shift away from this mindset and trust that God’s ways are perfect and His timing always comes at the exact time we NEED it, not WANT it. Realize our need for dependence on God. God’s never failed us and He never will.

God Bless !