Bridges for Life Ministries Operations

Bridges for Life Ministries is a small organization with a huge impact.

Hi, I am Will Bridges, the Evangelistic Outreach Coordinator for our organization.  Our team consists of a small office here in the U.S., which is directed by an administrative assistant and a handful of volunteers.  Our work here helps drive the bulk of the ministry, which is overseas.  In one particular nation, we have two offices, two administrators and some office staff  supporting almost 70 full-time church planters / evangelists in that nation.

The group sees between 4,000 and 5,000 souls saved every month!  Further, we just celebrated seeing our 1,000th discipleship group / house church being planted and the completed construction of our 59th church building.  These church homes house the church planters and the souls in the area which have recently been saved and are being followed up with for discipleship.

The base of the ministry that is in the U.S.  is in need of more administrative workers to support this growing ministry overseas.  Your willingness to to give and help sustain and grow this ministry is greatly appreciated.  We will believe with you that you will continue to prosper and be blessed so that together we can continue to take the gospel to the utter most regions of the world together in Jesus Name!!

If you give regularly, I thank you and ask that you please continue.  If you haven’t yet given to Bridges for Life Ministry, why not click the button below?  Make your first donation into the work we do and the lives that are changed by the Gospel.

Building a church in Bolivia, we paused to saver this moment between mortar layers.

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Will and daughter Moriah helping build a church in Bolivia.