Help Fund a Place to Worship and Grow

God is SO good!

Despite the dilapidated building and the destitute people, several sick with alcoholism, God’s Church thrives!

Churches and meeting places are scarce in closed countries.  In fact, Christian churches often have to operate below the radar.  That is why home churches provide the perfect answer.  As a home to a pastor and family, these buildings double as meeting places for the local brethren for teaching, edification, corporate prayer and worship.  You can help us purchase an existing building or, even better, construct a new building that perfectly satisfies the needs of the small congregation with a surprisingly small donation!

Faithful missionary, Levi, holds service and teaching in this small, run-down structure, yet the congregation continues to grow.  Thanks to the work of discipleship, Levi reports that, “we have 23 members, and we are discipling an additional 9 people.  We also have 13 children attend each service…a total of 42 people in this little church!”

Our hope is to replace this cabin with a new church home and classroom for the children.  Right now, we have land to build upon but need the financial support for materials and to pay the local workmen.  Your support will make a huge difference, as cost to construct a suitable church home is only $6,000!

Our little church is bursting at the seams.