Help With Transportation

Providing practical transportation in closed nations helps our traveling evangelists preach Jesus!With sky-high prices and low inventory, cars are NOT the answer for our Evangelists’ travel to seek out the lost.  In fact, for a population of 11 million in one closed country, there exist only 60,000 mostly vintage cars…in the entire country!  Further, a new vehicle there costs about 4 times as much as it would cost in the U.S.  So, most vehicles have extremely high mileage and are kept running only through determination and creativity. Busses also don’t solve the problem, as they do not serve many locations.  Taxis, of course, are too expensive.  So, many of the Evangelists must hike miles per day or hitchhike in order to visit the lost sheep.

Personal transportation, including bicycles and motor scooters, can make all the difference!  Purchase of a bicycle in this country costs several hundred dollars but helps the Evangelist respond to God’s calling.  Motor scooters, costing from $1,800 to $2,000, last longer in the rough country and are easier on the legs of some of our older Evangelists.

Marina, one of our devoted church planters explains, “I used to leave my house at 4:00 am in order to visit people in the farthest towns and I walked 16 kilometers to go and 16 to be back home, exhausted. When I evangelized there the whole day and celebrated a revival service at night, I had to sleep that night at some house where the person had accepted the Lord and some other times, I had to sleep under a tree. However, with the scooter, I can easily go now to the place, evangelize, have the night service and be back home refreshed.”

Your donation for this project is a great way to support the outreach effort in a direct way and will be remembered as a blessing each time the Evangelist climbs aboard!  Thank you for choosing to give to this wonderful cause!