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Most people are not called into Keep up with Bridges For Life Ministries and the outreaches we support in our Jerusalem, Judea, Sumaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth!foreign mission fields, yet still have a key role in sending the gospel into all the world. Your financial support is one way you can help reach the lost and it doesn’t require you to renew your passport, get a series of vaccines, sleep on a cot or traipse through a wilderness. Instead, do what God has personally equipped you to do!

Our heart longs to find, touch, and bring the lost home to God. Please review our current projects below and give as your heart leads you.

Leading children to Jesus and putting a smile on their faces makes the travel to Guatemala worth the time and money!

Help Support an Evangelist/ Church Planter

Bridges for Life Ministries Operations

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Help Fund a Place to Worship and Grow

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