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April 2024 Missions Update

Partners and Friends,

Our leadership team in Cuba continues to endeavor to set up the evangelism / church planting / discipleship program in 3 new districts there.  They are working directly through the Superintendents offices.

In March, I traveled to South East Asia to look at the possibility of establishing a similar model as to what we are doing in Cuba.  We began by traveling to Thailand, meeting our contact, and then traveling the following day to Cambodia.  

 The missionaries and contacts in much of South East Asia operate mostly underground (hidden), so in some cases you have to go there and investigate and find them.  We met a Presbyterian woman who was reaching the Buddhists there through an elementary school that they founded.  They would teach English, and normal studies throughout the week and then once a week they would teach out of the Bible. They are doing a good work.  They have approximately 150 kids during the day and 100 part timers at night.


She also introduced us to a Pastor that she knows who happened to be an Assemblies of God Pastor.  We could not find him on the internet, as nearly all Christians are operating under the radar there, and he was very busy and preparing to go visit his sick dad.  He did however, agree to meet with us for a few minutes before he left.  We met him, and it turns out he was the General Superintendent of the Assemblies for all of Cambodia.  If we get things moving in Vietnam, we can easily set up ministry in Cambodia as he has already sent us numbers.    

After Cambodia, we went to Laos which was a 10-hour drive from where we were at.  We met a business man/Christian there and we are considering the possibility of putting missionaries in that country as well.  

Next, we traveled to Vietnam for 5 days.  We were able to meet with the leadership team of an Evangelistic Association who has about 100 churches in Vietnam.  Once again, it is a communist country, and there is obviously a history with us, so we are looking to go back and begin to plant churches there with a missions team.


The Leadership Team in Vietnam would like for us to begin with 4 part time church planters, which costs around $150 per month.  If you would be willing to help us launch a ministry in Vietnam by training / sponsoring church planters there for that amount, or part of that amount, please let us know.  They also need a Supervisor/Secretary to help send reports for $200 per month.  If you can or would like to help with all or part of that, please let us know.  It will cost us $800 per month to launch it all.   Also, they feel that we can build churches there for $5,000 to $7,000, we would be able to take remote churches made of thatched roofs, thatched or woven wall with palm branches and turn them into block churches.  We will work on presenting those projects as well. 

The ministry is believing God for $2,000 for the price to pay for our leadership team in Cuba to travel to the 3 districts and conduct training to enhance the Evangelism/Church Planting and Discipleship programs that we started there.  They will travel once a month for 6 months.  

We appreciate all your prayers and consideration in helping us take the gospel to the nations.

Thank you and God bless,

Will Bridges

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