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August 2022 Missions Update

So, here’s a reminder to pray for your missionaries. 

On our trip to Romania, inbound, the airlines delayed our flight into Cluj (which is where we were heading to work with Gypsies and then cross the border to the Ukraine); then they proceeded to lose all our bags, not one made it.  So, we were out 10 bags for 2 ½ days.   On the return, our flight was delayed, we got into Munich late which made us miss our connecting flights.  We then waited in line for 5 ½ hours to get assigned our flights for the next day, with the team separated and most on different flights.  My son and I were supposed to be first to arrive back in the States since I had to drive a box truck to South Dakota to take supplies for the next mission trip.  But instead, our flight was canceled in Toronto so we had to stay overnight.

They rescheduled it and canceled it three more times before my son said, “Dad, let’s just rent a car and drive home.”  I said, “Son, you can’t drive a rental across the border, but…” when I saw that our flight was canceled for the fourth time, I decided to rent an Uber and have them take us to the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls and drop us off.  At 12:30 at night, we walked across the bridge to the US and found a hotel.  We then paid someone to drive up to Niagara Falls, NY and pick us up and then proceeded home; arriving 3 days after we were supposed to.  Upon arrival, I packed and one hour later was driving a box truck to South Dakota to prep for the next missions trip.  Yeah haw!

All that aside, the materials were delivered and the team is working on our project in the Rosebud Reservation of the Sioux Indian Nation.  Pray for good success. 

To back up, the Romanian Trip went well as we were able to raise enough funds to purchase a van for our contact to haul supplies back and forth to the Ukraine.  Two days after arrival, we made it to the Ukraine to work with an outreach center where some Ukrainian Refugees were staying. We were able to build a playground for them as well as establish some important contacts that will help us get materials to the front-line to help families / refugees there.  Should you like to donate to the cause, please do so through our web-site,, and just indicate that it is for the Ukrainian Relief Effort on the memo.  We have a channel to reach those in direct need there near the front-line.  One woman who we were working with had fled Odesa when the bombing began.  She crossed a bridge and she said that just after she crossed it, the Russians hit it with a bomb, blowing up the bridge, and almost killing her.  She was thankful to be alive.  Another woman showed us pictures where bombing took place while we were there just ½ mile from her house. Another woman had fled bombing and it took her 20 hours to flee the city and escape the Russian attacks.  Please pray for our friends in the Ukraine. 

Please continue to pray for the outreach taking place now in the Sioux Nation as well as continued success in helping the refugees in the Ukraine.  We thank you for your support of Bridges for Life Ministries as we endeavor to take the gospel to the nations.  

Many blessings,

Will Bridges

Will Bridges

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