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December 2022 Missions Update

Partners and Friends,

In the East and Central Districts, the team saw over 4,600 souls make decisions for Christ through street evangelism, door to door evangelism, hospital and prison visits and through crusades.  

We are starting to prepare to see if we can advance more West into the next district and then into the far East. Please pray as we consider. 

Also, our primary focus for this year and the upcoming year is Discipleship Development.  We have worked with the District Superintendents in the Districts where we are working to develop a program where every church is required to choose at least 1 leader, if not more if it is a larger church, to conduct follow-up for the newly saved to go along with the Pastor’s efforts.  

We paid for a training in some Presbyteries of the AG to conduct a training for these chosen leaders.  We have had most do this and are still working on getting the rest to resolve this as well.  From there, we have chosen one of the team members to contact these leaders for follow-up once per month to assist them in their development in following up the newly saved.  We are currently in need of 2 new positions for people to oversee this.  If God lays that upon your hearts, that would be a great assistance in helping to maintain Discipleship and help us to operate at the highest levels. Each position is $100 salary if you can/want to help with this.

The ministry is offering upcoming ‘group’ mission trips as well.  Chile will be February 23rd-March 2nd give or take a day.  We will be running a medical mission aspect to this trip if you have skills in the medical field.  We are also needing some help on the construction side as well as evangelism teams for this trip.

Iceland will be a 9-day trip during the first 10 days of June. The Amazon trip will be towards the end of June and another Sioux Indian Reservation Trip will be offered in late July / early August.

The ministry needs to enhance our website in order to better reach out and get the gospel out; the estimated cost to do that is $1,800 – $2,000. If God would lay something on your heart regarding helping with this, please let us know.  

We thank-you again for your continued prayers and support as we endeavor to push the ministry forward to the far corners of the Earth. 

May God richly bless you today as you endeavor to carry out his purpose and plans in and through your lives.


Will Bridges

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