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July 2023 Missions Update


I hope you are enjoying your summer and that things are marching forward as you endeavor to fulfill God’s purposes in and through your lives.

The team to our South saw over 4,000 souls make decision for Christ last month.  We are heading forward and looking to advance in other areas.  Pray for us as we work to reach into new territories with a similar model.

A team just returned from Iceland.  Iceland is a country of around 380,000 people, with most living in their capital of Reykjavik.  We did construction on an outreach center.  The construction team built a deck for outreaches that was approximately 16 feet by 70 feet (guess). It had its challenges as it rained many of the days. 

The outreach team conducted outreaches in Hella and another village I can’t pronounce.  The entire team then ministered in helping a church in Selfoss, Iceland.  Out of all the countries I’ve been in, in the world, certainly Iceland is one of the more challenging.  Hearts are hardened to even receiving gospel tracts. As the team endeavored to hand out tracts sharing the love of God with people in the capital, my estimate is that 1 in 30 people would even accept a gospel tract.  

The Icelanders which are descendants of the Vikings / Nordic people are hardened towards many things, but especially Christianity.  Out of those that attended our outreaches, most were Polish or descendants of another European country. 

The Bible does tell us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  So, we believe that as God calls us to go, He will make a way for us to touch their hearts. 

I am leaving for the Amazon tomorrow.  Pray for good weather, safe travels, provision, as we endeavor to minister to the Indigenous people living up and down the river bank of Aguarico river that is a tributary of the Amazon River.  

Also, for those that are interested, we will be sending a team to the Sioux Indian Reservation in late July / early August.  There are still slots open if you would be willing to attend or find out more about it.  From our nurse that is intending on attending, we are in need of:  Children’s multivitamins, UV Light for Head Exams, Lice Treatments and an OAE device to do hearing checks.

Please contact the ministry if any of this would interest you.  

Thank-you again for sowing into missions.  Your prayers / volunteering / contributions are what keep us going and successful in reaching into the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, and many blessings!

Will Bridges

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