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July 2024 Missions Update

Greetings partners and friends,

This month we are going to feature one of our Evangelists / Church planters in that closed nation to our South.  Oreni (name changed) was born in Santiago on May 30th in the early 70’s in a non-christian family. He was born to Argelio and Zenaida and has 6 siblings.  When Oreni was 25 years old, he went to a local church where a campaign was being held by an evangelist supported by this ministry named Wilber. After discipleship and growing in his faith for a year and a half, he began to serve in Wilber’s church as the local youth pastor and also serve on the worship team.  When he and his family moved to Cienfuegos he continued to serve in his new church with evangelism/church planting.  

After some time, Oreni felt impressed and moved his family to Ciego Montero to serve as missionaries in this new area.  Later on, the family became pastors in a town called Marta Abreu.  He became the presbyterial president of evangelism, where he continues to serve with his wife and 5 children.

Enclosed, you will see a picture of Oreni and his family.  He is one of 58 families currently serving with this ministry as church planters in that closed country.


As the ministry continues to reach into these new districts, we endeavor to keep training disciplers and put leaders in the various presbyteries (regions) as well as put heads of discipleship in each district.  

We are honored to be a part of the growth and development with the Assemblies of God there. We received an official letter from the Superintendent in Cienfuegos regarding the effectiveness that has taken place with Bridges for Life Ministries there.  He states that this has been the greatest combination of Evangelism and Discipleship that they have had in the history of this district.  They want to thank our team for our assistance and for helping to seed and direct this type of mechanism there.  

We are also continuing to develop this same model in four other districts as well.  In total, we are reaching almost ½ of the area of Cuba as far as the regions we are endeavoring to impact.  

Once again, we are looking to grow our ministry in Cambodia.  We have made contact, miraculously with the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God there and he is going to run our ministry through his church. 

Donations have come in to build a couple of churches.  We will be sending a team there during the first week-10 days of March 2025 to help start the construction process.  If you are interested in getting information regarding this trip, please let us know.  Cost for this trip is not set.  However, estimated costs will be in the $3,000 – $3,500 range, pending mostly on the price of flights.  That is not firm, but will give you an idea as we head forward.  

Enclosed, you will see a picture of a Pastor that we are trying to help.  His name is: Chea Trai.  He has been pastoring for two years.  You will see a picture of his small church, where they are meeting.


Also, pray for us to be able to hire/sponsor some church planters.  To sponsor a church planter is $200 per month which puts them on the field part time.  For $400 per month, we can get them on the field full time.  If God would lay something on your heart regarding helping with one of those projects and/or get information regarding possibly attending or bringing a group there, please let us know.

Our Summer Mission Trip this year is to the Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota from August 4th to 11th. Please pray for our team!

Thank-you for your continued support and prayers to allow us to reach the nations on your behalf,

Thank you and God bless!

Will Bridges

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