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June 2024 Missions Update

Partners & Friends,

Greetings in Jesus Name!   

The team saw 3,251 souls make decisions for Christ in April, glory to God!  We also recently had a donation given which will enable us to build a church in South East Asia. We are working on putting a team together to go and assist the Cambodians in building this project. The Superintendent is also requesting support for their nationals to be able to go and plant churches. Please believe with us regarding, which is $200 a month per church planter to put on the field.

Enclosed are a few pictures from Cambodia near where we are looking to build.  They are a Buddhist nation but very peaceful and humble people by nature and culture. 


You will see a picture here of an orphanage that is actually floating on a lake.  There are almost 50 kids living on this floating platform.  They stay from birth to approximately 18 if they are not taken in.  One of the guys who was guiding our boat lived his childhood on this orphanage.  There are nearly 1,000 families living in floating houses on this floating village of Tonle Sap.  Also, you will see a picture of a floating Christian Church. 

Cambodia is a country of 16.77 million inhabitants. Although it neighbors 3 of the 5 Communist countries in the world (China, Vietnam, Laos), it is not.  However, it is approximately 95% Buddhist.  

We realize going in, that winning souls will be different in Cambodia than it has been in “our neighbors to the South” or other Latin countries, just based on the fact that it is Buddhist and does not have a Christian base or background.  

Cambodia’s economy is made up of many industries including agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.  The garment (cloth making) industry makes up about 70 % of its exports.  

The model in heading forward there is to support ‘church planters’ ($200 per month) and also build churches ($5,000).

Thank you again for your prayers, support and faithful heart commitment to missions.

Please continue to pray for the advancement of our ministry in winning souls and impacting nations.

Thanks and Blessings,

Will Bridges

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