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March 2023 Missions Update

Partners and Friends,

I hope all is well.  Here, things are well. We are marching forward into a productive 2023.  I trust the same for you.

Over 4800 souls were saved last month. Here are some testimonies from our neighbors to the South. Naomi said she held a 3-day crusade in the Río Blanco community where there is a mission; she was able to minister to over 400 and 146 souls made decisions for Christ and 6 rededicated their lives to the Lord. They all experienced the work of the Holy Spirit with healing and deliverance taking place. The missionary of the town is very appreciative of the work of the evangelist.

Alina said she laid hands on an 84-year-old woman and prayed for healing since she had been suffering from bronchial asthma for about 12 years. She permanently depended on oxygen equipment to be able to breathe but a miracle happened after prayer and she no longer needed her oxygen tank, she is now healed and is breathing on her own. Because of her gratefulness, she offered her house as a place of discipleship and Bible study and unto the Glory of God this is already taking place.

Pedro Danilo said he was allowed to enter the provincial prison and met Roberto Guerra Cruz who has been an inmate for 39 years. Roberto confessed that when they detected two tumors in his lungs (the worst moment in his life) he made the decision to commit suicide. For the glory of God, Pedro Danilo prayed for him and the tumors dried up. The evangelist had the opportunity to speak with some prison officers to find out they testify that Roberto acts like another person, he only talks about Christ now. 

And another testimony from Pedro is this: An inmate dialed his home phone number, but he made a mistake and dialed Pedro Danilo’s home number, and from that moment on, he started to disciple him 3 times a week by phone and once a month in person. Glory to God!

One thing we would like to ask. We are looking to expand our contact base this year and into next year.  We would like you as a partner to ponder this.  If you belong to a church, a prayer group, a Bible Study or what have you, we would like for you to think about asking your leader / leaders to consider having us in or a team leader in to share what is going on overseas on the mission field, and contemplate allowing your team members to partner with us on some level: 

via sponsoring a national pastor / evangelist, becoming a prayer partner, and/or possibly joining us on a future team missions trip.  All these allow us to help funnel the gospel and life-saving message of Jesus Christ to the nations. We are asking you to pro-actively share what our ministry is doing and see if you can secure an opportunity for us similar to that.  For brochures or information, please contact the ministry.

Also, if you would be willing to help create a professional grade video for us and/or help with web-site construction, those are areas of great need for us.  These are two other ways to help sow into missions by serving.

We want to thank-you again for partnering with Bridges for Life Ministries.  It is a great privilege for us to be teamed up with you in advancing the gospel to the nations.

Thanks and many blessings,

Will Bridges

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