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Most people are not called into foreign mission fields, yet still have a key role in sending the gospel into all the world.  Your financial support is one way you can help reach the lost and it doesn’t require you to renew your passport, get a series of vaccines, sleep on a cot or traipse through a wilderness.  Instead, do what God has personally equipped you to do!

Our heart longs to find, touch, and bring the lost home to God. Please review our current projects below and give as your heart leads you.

Keep up with Bridges For Life Ministries and the outreaches we support in our Jerusalem, Judea, Sumaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth!
Posted 194 days ago
Help Support an Evangelist / Church Planter
0% funded of $100
$100 Still Needed
Yisel is 30 years old and in spite of going to church since an early age, she still had many ties and neglected her spiritual life. She started to be influenced by the enemy and was taken to receive psychiatric treatment but she knew what was really wrong. At home she knelt down and said: “Lord, I want to be free” and began to seek God as she had never done before. Now her life is transformed and is helping others to experience the same divine transformation.
Posted 212 days ago
Bridges for Life Ministries Operations
0% funded of $3,000
$3,000 Still Needed
Give where it is needed most! When you give into our operations fund you can select your preferred ministry area or allow us to put your money into the most current critical needs. If you give regularly, I thank you and ask that you please continue.  If you haven’t yet given to Bridges for Life Ministry, why not click the button below?  Make your first donation into the work we do and the lives that are changed by the Gospel.
Posted 334 days ago
Help With Transportation
0% funded of $3,000
$3,000 Still Needed
Reaching the lost in the rural country side requires stamina and determination! You can lighten the burden by donating to meet transportation needs and helping us to reach the lost.
Posted 353 days ago
Help Fund a Place to Worship and Grow
0% funded of $6,000
$6,000 Still Needed
Faithful missionary, Levi, holds service and teaching in this small, run-down structure, yet the congregation continues to grow.  Thanks to the work of discipleship, Levi reports that, “We have 23 members, and we are discipling an additional 9 people.  We also have 13 children attend each service…a total of 42 people in this little church!”

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