February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018

Partners and Friends,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!! I am writing you from warm and wonderful Western PA,, where it is a balmy 18 degrees. The team was together last week in Latin America where it was in the 80s. Spring is 6 weeks away,, we’ll make it.   🙂

We have some important things to share with you this month. So I’ll get right to it:

We raised the funds for this widow and her family to have a home closer to treatment in a major city in this closed nation.
Evangelist’s family needs your help!

One of our main evangelists, who was 1 of the 5 that began with us, has recently had a heart attack and gone home to be with the Lord. He was 37 years old. He leaves behind a 31 year old wife and 2 children,,, with one of them being a child with MS. The only hospital in their nation that can apparently help the girl with special needs is in the main city which is forcing them to live there. They are in need of purchasing a house which is much more expensive than in other places. We are trying to help her and her 2 children purchase a home. We have around $1,500 raised by a previous donor but we need to raise $8,500 more. If God would lay something on your heart to help, please let us know. Thanks for your prayers and consideration in this matter.

Also, we are redoing a web-site for the ministry. Check it out at: www.bridgesforlifeministries.com. You can see the projects coming up as well as the evangelists/church planters that we are trying to get on the field. There are currently more than 10 that are trained and waiting to get on the field. $40 puts them on the field full time as a church planter.

If you are interested in upcoming trips, check out some of the recent trips that the ministry has taken: trips.bridgesforlifeministries.com. Trips that the ministry has planned and that are coming up are:

Puerto Rico, April 25-May 1st.

  • Cost: $1,100 from Pittsburgh
  • We will be putting roofs on houses and churches that were affected by the recent Hurricane.

Appalachian Trip: June 24th – July 1st:

  • Cost $650
  • We will be doing construction and evangelism in Southern West Virginia.

Nicaragua Trip: July 25th – August 1st:

  • Cost: $1,450 from Pittsburgh
  • We will be doing construction on a outreach center as well as doing evangelistic outreaches in the evenings.

Pittsburgh City Outreach:

  • This trip is free other than your food expenses.
  • We will be doing some construction on a church in the inner city of Pittsburgh.
  • Dates are not set, but it will be a 3 day trip.

Pastors, there is a message for you regarding how the ministry might be able to help you develop some outreaches at your own church as well as develop your congregation regarding how they win souls in their own lives using their own gifts and talents. Please check it out at: pastors.bridgesforlifeministries.com

Thank-you/God’s blessings upon you!!