September, 2019

Partners and Friends, I trust all is well with you and the work that God has called you to.  Recently we were contacted by a partner and asked how to share our faith as believers.  There are a few basic steps that you can follow.

1)  Ask:

“Can I share with you why I made a decision to follow Christ?” or, “Do you have 5 minutes where I can share the love of God with you?” Something similar to that. If you just give it to them without permission, they may not want to receive it and the Bible says that an offended person is harder to win than a fortified city. [Proverbs 18:19]

2)  Preach them into Hell (in love and without condemnation 🙂

Ask them, “Have you ever sinned, even once?” If they answer, “Yes” (most do), tell them you have too, and then share these scriptures with them: [Romans 3:23] “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Then my favorite for this process: [James 2:10] “For if any man keeps the entire law and sins at one point he is guilty of it all.” Reveal to them that if they sinned once, they are spiritually and eternally separated from God.

You can now explain that this is why throughout the Old Testament men sacrificed 1,000’s of bulls and goats and doves and animals hoping that the blood would cleanse them of their sins, but their sins were too great, this would only cover them for a little bit.

3)  Results of our sins:

[Romans 6:23] “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.” The Bible says that if we sin once we are guilty of it all. We are rightfully condemned to Hell without help. That is why we are in need of a Savior. If we could make it on our own, there would be no reason for Jesus.

4)  Preach the Savior to them:

That is why Jesus had to come. God has mercy for you and me. He saw that we could not make it on our own, so He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus to come and go through all of the same temptations in victory that we have gone through and failed. He became the perfect sacrifice because He was without sin, He was blameless, and although He didn’t deserve to die, He laid His life down willingly to pay the punishment for our sins.

5)  Invitation:

The Bible says He took nails in His hands and feet for you and me. He suffered in the grave for you and me. He took a crown of thorns in His head for you and me. He suffered in Hell for you and me. He gave it all for you and me. So my question for you is this, “If Jesus died on a cross for you, suffered in the grave for you, suffered in Hell for you, and gave His everything for you, are you willing to give your everything back to Him?”  If they answer, “Yes” lead them in the sinner’s prayer, but remind them that it’s a life commitment to serve Him, that it has to be more than just a prayer.

6)  Salvation Prayer – you can have them repeat.

God, I want to ask You to forgive me for all of the sins I have committed. I recognize that it was my sins that put You on the cross. Today, I invite You into my heart as my Lord and Savior. I will serve You throughout all of my days from here forward in Jesus name, Amen.

Another great way to share your faith is by sharing your testimony. “Can I share with you why I chose to follow Jesus or can I share with you why I chose God?” This will open up an opportunity to share your testimony and Christ with those who are peaceable or open to receive.

I hope this gets you guys started.  Any questions, please let us know. I encourage you to write down 5 people that you might be able to share your faith with this month. Pray daily over them, and look for a way to act and share your faith with them this month.  After that, choose another 5 and do the same. It can be like your sacrifice back to God. :))

Thx/God bless,