May 2017 Newsletter

May,  2017

Greetings Partners/Friends,

In March, the Cuba team saw 6,051 souls make decisions for Christ.  That is one of their strongest months for a long time.   We praise God for the efforts that you are giving as well as the team in Cuba as we all work together to glorify Christ.

A couple of things before sharing some testimonies: In April, we had a number of letters go out without a remittance envelop in them for you all to send your support in.  If you missed last month due to that reason, we would greatly appreciate if you could double up this month to make up for that.  The giving that drives this ministry seemed to be down quite a bit in April and we have to borrow money when that happens. If you can not, that is fine, God is our provider!!!

Secondly, the ministry is in need of some more secretarial work.  Jane Lamantia has been helping us for about 12 years, volunteering her time and efforts (huge Thanks St. Jane ;), but we need to get somebody in to help with projects and work as the ministry moves on.   We have never had a paid secretary here but we are in need of one, at least part time.  To cover this cost, we are asking that each one considers giving an extra $5 to $15 per month pending on what you can afford/the Lord directs you.  Thanks again for your time and consideration!

Also, the Latin Day Celebration that was scheduled for May 7th has been postponed to a later date.  However, Maylin, the secretary that came from Cuba will be returning on May 9th to go back to her country.  For those of you who have come to know her at Christian Assembly Industry, May 7th will be her last service with us.  A big thank-you to Maylin for leaving her family to come to the US to work in the office for the past 3 months.  Thank-you for all your time and efforts Maylin!

Deliverance from Drugs

Javier in the Eastern region of Cuba stated that there was a man named Sandor who overdosed on drugs and was taken to the hospital.  Javier and some other team members went and prayed with him because he was in a coma.  He was only 17 years old, but he couldn’t move or talk and the doctors said that he probably wouldn’t live.  One week after he prayed, he started to move his hands and feet and arms.  For the glory of God, he recovered and is attending the discipleship group that is near by.  He has not returned to drugs!!