Happy New Year!  We trust that all is well with you and that you are excited to put this past year behind you and move on to a new year.  2020 was a challenge for most, but thank God, He didn’t fall off the throne! We can achieve better things and walk more in God’s glory during 2021 as we follow Him and His plan and will for our lives. 

So here is the situation with our partners to the South. The country has decided to raise the cost of everything 4-fold without raising the exchange rate to American Dollars. They are apparently doing this to try and generate funds since tourism has been shut down for about 11 months.  To my understanding, the country is near bankruptcy. 

So this is what it means to the ministry and for sponsorship. To continue to support a Church Planter / Evangelist full time, we would need a $350 donation to cover what we were not able to raise from your donation to support your Evangelist over the past 6 months.  (It takes 6 months of raising support to fund the following 6 months of ministry.)  And then, we would need a commitment of $100 per month to sponsor your evangelist. Should you decide to go that route, we would need to know very soon so that we can notify them down there that your team member is to continue on a full-time basis.

In cases where you are unable to change your funding, we understand. You can continue to support your evangelist as you did before, however, they will be assigned to part time duties. They will be given a chance to continue at part-time but should they not be able to live on a part time salary or choose to, we will train another evangelist to take their place within a very short period of time.  Even at part-time, if your Evangelist wins 50+ people to the Lord per month, it is still one of the greatest investments you will ever make. 

Thank-you for your understanding in this. It is a difficult time to live down there and we appreciate your very best as we work toward advancing the kingdom of God with our neighbors.

Please let us know either way asap so as we can make arrangements.


Will and Cristen Bridges

Office number:  724-793-3376