So, we got our first big snow of the year. It is a beautiful time of the year, yet still a little cold.  As we come to a close on this crazy year, the ministry marches on even as they face difficult times in the country to our south. 

The team saw 5944 souls make decisions for Christ overseas last month, including almost all with our southern neighbors. We restarted the homeless ministry in October. Ben Sligh has done an awesome job leading it. Thank you, Ben!!  If you are in the Pittsburgh area and would like to go on a ½ day mission’s trip, this is a good one. Please contact the ministry if that would be of interest to you. 

Here is a testimony that we received from an Evangelist in October. 

Lorena states: In this past month, I spent 17 days with a brother that had a car accident. He later passed away. But when he passed, I was able to share the word of God with 25 people after his funeral. Fifteen of them accepted Christ. While I was at the hospital with my brother, I talked to a patient who was in bad shape. He had an operation and couldn’t wake up after it. The team prayed for him and to the glory of the Lord, he woke up. He told us that he had no family and he was alone. We preached the word of God to him and he received Jesus. When he got out of the hospital, I let him stay in my house to recover. God fulfilled His purpose. Also, we prayed for a patient who had a tumor and was waiting to get operated on. After prayer, they reexamined him and discovered that the tumor was gone. To God be the glory!!

Thank-you so much for supporting the ministry. There are many more testimonies. Please continue to pray for the ministry as we get past COVID and the other challenges that we faced earlier in the year. Thank-you again for your prayers and partnership.

Also, as a last note, we apparently missed some people when we called or texted our partners about the Bridges for Life banquet that we held last month. If we missed you, please accept our apologies. If you did not receive notice about the banquet, could you make a note on the remittance envelop when you send it in, or let us know with a note. We also realize that we are missing some phone numbers or some of the numbers that we have are outdated. If you were not contacted, it could be that we didn’t have a correct phone number for you.

If you are willing, please include your phone number and other contact information (email address) that you would like us to use when we reach out to our partners about upcoming events. You may contact the ministry by email at or You can also drop us a note on the website under ‘contact’:

We pray God’s richest blessing upon you and yours as we work together for the kingdom of God. 

Remember, 1 can put 1,000 to flight and 2 can put 10,000 to flight. We are much more powerful when we work together. Thank-you for your heart for missions and souls as we endeavor to take the gospel of the kingdom to the nations.


Will and Cristen Bridges