Partners / Friends,

This winter brings us to a time of exciting transition in the country of focus of our ministry.  For many, many years, we have targeted the eastern region of this closed nation, but we will be transitioning to a new area of that same nation.  We will be looking to not only develop and train their chosen or designated church planters (evangelists) but also their newly designated disciplers (two from every church) in three different districts where we have never worked.  This includes approximately 200-300 churches per district.  Those who are sponsoring evangelists in the eastern region of that country, with your permission, we will change your sponsorship to new families beginning in late winter. 

There are a number of reasons for which we would like to do this.  One is the system that we have created (the names/info of the souls that evangelists win to Christ are funneled to the district office and they send it to local churches to conduct follow-up, so that the disciplers begin a 6-week discipleship program with those newly saved) has never been developed to this extent in those three new districts that we are targeting. The leaders in this area are excited to work with our ministry which will help them develop this program.  It is extensive and complex, but effective.  We will be leading and paying for the trainings.  The three new districts where we will be working will be organized and prepared for us to do this mid/late winter. 

We thank God for all the work of the previous areas of the designated nation; however, it is time to move on. We thank you for transitioning with us in this.  The end result will be an organized mechanism in new areas and that will enable us to win souls and ensure us to follow-up with the newly saved more efficiently.

Upcoming events in the ministry include a return trip to Cuba after the holidays and then an open group trip to Thailand. 

During that trip, we will be looking to do village crusade work in the evenings and then school outreaches during the days.  We are also looking to get up on the border of one or two of the communist countries in South East Asia, and look for avenues to set up a similar structure as to what we are doing in the other communist nation. 

We were recently notified that our largest donor has cut our support by $1,800 per month. We are looking to make that up so as we can continue overseas at the level that we have been operating.  If you would be willing to or desire to help us with that, sponsorship for a full time Cuban national is $100 per month.  If you would be willing to do part time, it is $50 per month, or quarterly is $25.

We have a secretary in the Central Region of that country who has to leave the apartment where she was staying in January. They are pregnant and in need of housing.  We are believing God to provide that for them! The cost of the houses that they are looking to live in and use as an office/house Bible study are between $3,000 – $5,000.  If God lays something on your heart to help, it would be appreciated.  Thank you!

Also, we are looking to put together an organized / functioning prayer team.  If you would be willing to join, please text us at:  330-303-7513 and we will update you frequently as to ministry events, happenings, and key things to pray for.  We would appreciate your assistance with that. 

Thank you for all you have done and are doing to help us to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations.


Will / Cristen Bridges